Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tamil Brahmin...the omnipresent yet invisible sect...

a rare insight into Thamizh culture - the Brahmins are the least expected to resort to do anything that challenges the law of the land. The Tamil Brahmins are the omnipresent yet invisible sect of bustling Madras. The only time they ever rise to spotlight is during the annual music season. Rest of the time, they go through the monotonous self-centered lives that is the bane of urban India. They do not influence assembly or parliamentary elections. A very small percentage of them actually participate in elections. They do not have a talismanic figure anywhere in the democracy framework. They are usually part of a nuclear family catching up with real India through newspapers and water cooler talks. They are everywhere but nowhere. Immensely knowledgeable of the wrongs of the society and equally impotent when it comes to acting upon it.

What happens to the fragile balance of the city when few such Tamil Brahmins manage to form a group and begin to resort to violence and bashes up every wrong doer they comes across in a 48 hour time period? The result is quite chilling.
Forgetting the cinematic perspective can this be really feasible ???

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