Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mastery over Mass Appeal...This Legend has it all !!!

Thats was a confusing title i guess yeh you must have guessed it if you are one of those HardCore Tamilians, yes it is none other than Sivaji Rao or fondly the Superstar Rajinikanth...

Was watching a small news snippet on Pongal Festival commonly referred to as Maha Sankarandhi, by India's Famous English Channel CNN-IBN where in they did an interview on some of the famous songs associated with the festival,was little shocked to notice current generation females referring to the Self Popularized Artist Vijay whose appeal is concentrated more to the non-urbane sectors due to his fixed formula of commercial ventures, the typical "Hero Centric Good triumphing over the Evil forces".The next few minutes were not just consoling but a feeling of awe to see the same current generation male counter part, believe me all of them interviewed referred to rajini's songs made at different phases of his career starting from the 80's hit movie "Muratukallai" to another song from "AnnaMalai" of recent fame.

Me in-spite of being a ardent fan of this not so beautiful man but an amazing human being always made it a point to view his movies twice, each with a different frame of mind, one as just a slave to this man's mind blowing screen presence and the other more a rational approach.believe me he has always amazed me in both cases though not much in the rational view!!!

Sivaji - The Boss is a standing example of his mass appeal, cinema halls ran to packed houses in places where people never heard of the language called Tamil...that itself is a standing testimony of his mass appeal!!!

is a little shocked to see this legend cash in quickly on his acquired fame by signing in more movies at '60+' but there is nothing so jarringly wrong in what he is doing as he himself openly admitted that he is here for business and cinema is a business and viewers satisfaction is all that counts as job satisfaction and defines success.

No man is a philanthropist in its full definition, it s all business and being one such "fellow human lover " just shows he to can be the one he portraits in his movies.Whether this is an image lifting propaganda or its an image by itself is left to ones self introspection!!!

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