Friday, December 31, 2010


Its the end of another year, whether wonderful or a total wreck you can decide. The fun of these times is you get to rejoice on your assumptions being made 'hence proved' by TIME[i didn't refer the magazine here btw] or a very depressing 'hence proved' otherwise. You have a mile long list of great philosophers from you ancestral times claiming to take stalk of will-power and act on instincts during these times but the final duality of 'what if I' and 'what if I don't' rests in your hands to decide. With the stage set let me introduce you to the concept of 'POLAR TRIBE'

The Polar Tribe represents a fundamental duality by which we all can first determine distinction. The Polar Tribe is the world of black or white, yin and yang. In the beginning, God separated the heaven and the earth. Poles are not comfortable with gray areas or undecided matters. Ironically, Poles spend and inordinate amount of their time in just such situations. Polar Tribe is dedicated to establishing what it considers to be helpful, useful polarities that make decisions easy and obvious. Poles are not compromisers, but neither are they necessarily divisive. They seek harmony as do many, but they aren’t satisfied with someone being on their side. They want the situation to be obvious, the idea to be clear and without argument and the result to be final.

Your friend in the Tao,
Lihai Sherman, CMQ
Qigong Instructor
I Qi You