Monday, March 06, 2006

From "Anna" to "Amma" - Best of Vaiko's Summersaults

Well all of you might have known by now that MDMK has sealed an alliance with the ADMK. Vaiko met Jayalalitha at her Poes Garden residence yesterday afternoon and signed a seat sharing agreement with ADMK. According to the agreement, Vaiko's led MDMK will be allocated 35 seats. Coming out of the meeting, Vaiko told the waiting reporters that he was made to take this extreme step because he and his party men were "insulted" by the DMK for the past two years. He also seemed particularly angry at the DMK's offer of 22 seats. Chief Minister Jayalalitha told the waiting reporters that the ADMK and MDMK alliance would sweep the polls and the future looks bright for the alliance. The last few days have marked a dramatic change in the fortunes of the ADMK alliance. It looks more formidable now with the inclusion of DPI and MDMK. Both the parties complement the ADMK nicely. The former is strong in the northern TN and MDMK has an assured vote bank of 8000 votes in about 180 constituencies. More importantly Vaiko entrance to the alliance adds one more star campaigner. The battle now seems more equal with a slight edge to the DMK front. But all that could evaporate if ADMK and MDMK could mobilizes their cadre base effectively and work unitedly.

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