Monday, March 06, 2006

Was "Amma" responsible for Vaiko's alliance with the DMK?

Well it may not exactly what you are thinking but according to R Rangaraj of the online portal chennaionline, the main reason for Vaiko to finally decide on aligning with the DMK was his mother. According to MDMK insiders, Vaiko's mother beseeched him not to join hands with the lady (referring here to Jayalalitha) who cruelly jailed him for years together under the dreaded POTA and even opposed the court's decision to grant him bail. In contrast, she reportedly pointed out that DMK chief, M Karunanidhi, despite being in a rival political camp, made any number of efforts to persuade him to come out on bail and provided him moral courage at a crucial juncture in his career. The emotional appeal of his mother was that he should not ditch the man who stood by him during the greatest crisis of his career. Besides, former Union RMinisters Senjee Ramachandran and Kannappan also persuaded Vaiko to remain in the DPA. The Article also points out that DMK initially offered MDMK a meagre 15-16 seats. Now it will be interesting in the days ahead to see if Vaiko will be able to bargin a higher number of assembly seats.

Curtisy : R Rangaraj

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