Sunday, May 28, 2006

Did spam filter cost schools $250K???

A Spam filter cost schools $250K???

The scenario is familiar: A co-worker or friend sent you an e-mail, only there's no trace of it in your in-box. The culprit? On overeager spam filter, trapping regular e-mail along with the Viagra pitches and Nigerian bank fraud letters.


Most times, the situation is easily resolved. In the case of the Cobb County school system in Georgia, however, a spam filter is causing a political dust-up.

Officials say a bid to provide telephone services to the system was gobbled up by the filter, and the bidder was subsequently disqualified, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The term "long distance" was apparently what triggered the block.

The school system had requested an e-mail as a follow-up to the formal bid, which had previously been submitted on paper. When they didn't see the reply, officials dismissed the bidder and awarded the contract to another--more expensive--contractor. Now the bidder and the school system are arguing over whose fault it was.

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