Sunday, May 28, 2006

Are cell phones a sign of teen depression???

Are cell phones a sign of teen depression?

We try to keep an open mind here at Blogma (sort of), but some topics are simply too inane to let pass. Take, for example, a recent survey claiming that South Korean high school students make a lot of calls on their mobile phones because they're "unhappy or bored."


Teenagers, unhappy? Bored, even? Unheard of.

This body of research is yet another example of out-of-touch adults looking for scientific reasons to explain common teenage behavior, while overthinking everything in the process. Haven't we been lectured repeatedly by psychologists on "Oprah" to make sure that kids communicate their feelings? Isn't it a good thing that they're socializing, rather than brooding in solitude?

Granted, 70 to 90 times a day might seem a tad much, but we suspect that the tally isn't completely out of whack with the number of calls made by their parents, particularly when driving. (Also, a one-word text message could count as a call.) Maybe the researchers just got their conclusions backward: Perhaps it's all the calls that are causing the depression, not the other way around.

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