Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sony rumored to be limiting PS3 game resales

Sony rumored to be limiting PS3 game resales

A story picked up by a several Web sites has caused a bit of a stir in the online gaming community. Games Radar is reporting that Sony has warned its retail partners that the selling of used games for the forthcoming PS3 game console will not be permitted.


The report states that Sony's new licensing scheme would dictate that consumers will purchase a license to play a game, rather than buying the game itself. The story has sparked an uproar in many blogs and online discussion forums--with memories of Sony's rootkit DRM debacle still fresh in consumers' minds.

But the rumor is being largely dismissed as only that. Several blogs are quick to point out that a similar story claiming Sony planned to put DRM restrictions on its games surfaced last year and were later debunked.

Still, discussions about the possible move highlight the growing PR headache Sony faces in the wake of the rootkit problem and the recently announced pricing for its PS3, which many in the gaming community feel is unreasonably high.

When contacted by Games Radar, Sony reportedly replied, "We have made all of the official announcements at E3 and cannot make any further comments at this time. We will be announcing more news running up to PlayStation 3's launch." Not exactly damning evidence that the story is true. But Sony's comment is vague enough to keep the rumor mill churning and to get more than a few bloggers riled up about the company's tactics in protecting its media.

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